Bugatti Chiron Off-Road Edition

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Bugatti Chiron Off-Road Edition

Rain Prisk is a digital automotive artist with great concepts and his Bugatti Chiron Off-Road Edition is no exception. The concept has a menacing quality - you feel the same when you look at this car as when you come across a badger or a glutton in the back country. This is not a polite company car. It's a "get out of the way" and it's not nonsense.

The design starts with a Bugatti Chiron and introduces it as 4x4. The first challenge to overcome was the low position of the Chiron. For a supercar, designers have not thought exactly about ground clearance, so Prisk needs to lift the vehicle and add a tighter off-road suspension that's combined with big all-terrain tires. An undercarriage coating would also be required, and while you're at it, throw in a frontal winch. And if you drive inland, you need some gear that Prisk considered when he added a roof rack.

Prisk also opted for a single wiper blade, making it seem as if the car would challenge whatever the road can throw on it, with a windscreen wiper tied behind its back. The Xs for headlights is another menacing touch.

Bugatti may not be planning to put together an off-road version of its Chiron, but if there's a way to convince them, Prisk's design is right.

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